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  • About Us

    Inspired by the concept of First Class cabin, First Class Foot & Massage centre was designed to treat our guest with first class comfort and first class service.

    Located in one of the busiest intersection in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, the First Class Spa and Massage center provides a luxurious, relaxing and welcoming atmospherefor our guest to experience something truly special.

    The contemporary royal design &décor, the ultra comfortable seats and the balance between traditional China practices and modern massage techniques allow our guests to enjoy premium treatments in a soothing and stress releasing environment.

    Our VIP section is featured with nine high quality and innovative massage sofas with personal tablet and complemented with freshly prepared fruit plate and healthy drink to smooth and delight your senses. Take a step forward will lead you to another private section consists of fifteen premium high quality leather massage sofaswhere you can sit and relaxto enjoythe full entertainment programs including free WiFi, Cable TV and Now Broadband TV. Our double & triple occupancy private rooms further you to enjoy treatments in extensive privacy.

    In First Class Foot Massage and Spa, you are guarantee to experience something unique.


    Normal / VIP Foot Massage
    • 30 mins Head, Shoulder, neck or Hand Massage.
    • 30 mins Foot Massage
    • 60 mins Foot Massage
    • 60 mins Foot Massage + 30mins Head, Shoulder or Hand Massage (Choose 2 only)
    • Shanghai Trim Style Pedicure
    Private Room
    • 60 mins Body and Acu-Point Massage
    • 90 mins Foot Massage + Body and Acu-Point Massage
    • 120 mins Foot Massage + Body and Acu-Point Massage
    • 60 mins Body Massage and Aroma Massage
    • 60 mins Aromatic Treatment Lymph Oil Massage
    • 60 mins Aromatic Rock Treatment
    • 60 mins Aromatic Grass Ball Treatment
    • 60 mins Body Massage ( No Pain)
    • 60 mins Aromatic Ear Wax + Lymph Oil Massage
    • 60 mins Aromatic Navel Wax + Lymphatic Drainage Treatment
    • 120 mins Aromatic Ear Wax + Aromatic Navel Wax
    • 30 mins Gua Sha
    • 30 mins Cupping
    • 30 mins Aromatic Sand


  • First Class Foot & Massage

    • Address: Basement, No. 6 Hart Avenue,
      Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
      (Near Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station N1 Exit)
    • Tel: 2301-3339
    • Fax: 2301-3131

    • With Gentlemen and Ladies Zone
    • Operating Hours: Daily 12:00pm-03:00am

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